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Integrated Waste Solutions has the capability to consolidate all your waste needs. We reduce operation costs by eliminating inefficiencies in waste service levels.

Innovation in Contract Management.

Integrated Waste Solutions prevents contracts from rolling over and places locations coming off of contract out for bid. We provide continuous cost cutting efforts.

Start Saving

We use our process to lower our clients overall waste expenses, reducing their carbon footprint and simplify their waste management needs.
Our Process:


During this review of your current operations, your waste services vendors will be thoroughly analyzed to provide an in-depth understanding of how your solid waste and recyclables are being managed.

Analyze & Identify

Next, we develop our plan of action to optimize your waste stream. Our primary objectives are:
1. Cost Reduction
2. Maximize Operational Efficiency
3. Minimize Environmental Impact Through Diversion.


We present our recommendations to our client, along with the expected financial impact, and ask for approval to move forward with implementation. No recommendation will be implemented without explicit client approval.


Unlike other firms, we don’t just hand you a nice report with recommendations and say “good luck” – we personally implement all of the approved recommendations ourselves so you don’t have to.


Our services don’t conclude with a successful implementation. For the length of your agreement we monitor the operations of your agreed-upon solid waste management system and ensure that our standards are maintained.

We carve out savings by restructuring services, reducing administrative costs, and eliminating errors.

By leveraging our buying power, your company’s yearly outlay for waste removal will be reduced… guaranteed!!!

We are a national waste and recycling trash broker. We specialize in lowering our clients overall waste expenses, reducing their carbon footprint and simplifying their waste management needs, risk-free!


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