About Us:

Integrated Waste Services is a national waste consultant firm that specializes in reducing waste disposal and recycling cost through a proven risk free method.  We are confident that you will receive excellent service if you have just one location or one thousand.  Our proprietary software makes for easy scaling and helps us in forensic auditing of vendors invoicing.  The software, through our customer portal, also allows our clients to view their account information which includes seeing invoices, days of scheduled service, last payment amounts and even the ability to schedule service.  Through various methods, we have been able to save our clients on average 18% on their waste spend.  It does not matter if you are in a current agreement or if you are opening a brand new location, we can help you immediately.  Our team of professional account service representatives will gladly assist you with any trash related services you may need.  Give us a call and let us  start saving you time and money !

Our primary services include:

Optimum Pricing

Bidding all locations to obtain the best cost for your waste & recycling needs while maintaining the service you expect. Reduces operations costs adding to the bottom line.

Optimum Sizing

Assessment of stores waste & recycling service levels to meet their actual needs. Reduces operation costs by eliminating inefficiencies in waste service levels.

Rate Increase Control

Electronic invoicing, e-mail service request, electronic payment. Electronic streamlining is an immediate efficient documented way to control waste services.

Invoice Monitoring

100% auditing of invoices to assure accuracy of payments. Eliminates over payment that would be difficult for an accounting staff to monitor.

Waste Consolidation

Integrated Waste Services has the capability to consolidate all your waste needs. Alliances with companies specializing in unique or difficult waste to remove provide one-stop shopping when it comes to waste removal and recycling.

Recycle Profile

Integrated Waste Services evaluates and compares the cost differences of materials that are not recycled but could be. It creates a better company image plus governments are starting to mandate it. Be proactive!

Our clients choose us because we analyze their bills and guarantee a        minimum  savings of 10% across the board. We provide solutions and          monitor the process to ensure our client receive the result they expect and deserve .