Several options exist for your dewatering & recycling needs. It is important to evaluate your waste needs and determine the best dewatering equipment option for your company.

Benefits of Dewatering Equipment

The Integrated waste solutions Dewatering/Wet Waste Processing Equipment dewaters, depackages, and compacts.  This equipment is designed to remove liquid from wet waste materials and excess packaging.  They are ideal for food industry and many types of businesses, including dairies, bottling plants, recycling centers, food processors, resorts, hotels, hospitals, paper mills, industrial & manufacturing plants, and many others. Dewatering/West Waste Processing Equipment will generate a fast return on investment and will substantially lower waste removal costs. You will find the equipment helps by:


Reducing waste volume and weight up to 90% of original weight


Saving money by lowering waste hauling & disposal costs


Improving on-site sanitation & cleanliness


Removing liquids from waste means no container leakage


Reducing environmental liabilities by removing liquids prior to material disposal


Helping the environment by turning waste products into recyclables & composting products

Some Dewatering applications include:

  • Pulp & paper rejects
  • Liquor knots
  • Airline, casino, restaurant food waste
  • Fiberglass waste
  • Metal grinding coolant recovery
  • Dairy processing plants
  • Fruit or vegetable processing plants
  • Food processors
  • Bottling plants
  • Recycling centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Dewatering/Wet Waste Processing Equipment provide cost savings:

  • Liquid extraction rates up to 98% of original weight 100%
  • Volume & weight reductions up to 90% of original weight 100%
  • Average cost savings 50-60% 60%


Average return on investment 12-24 months

Types of Dewatering Equipment

We offer a variety of different types of dewatering equipment to meet your needs. Our Integrated waste solutions experts can work with you to evaluate which equipment will best meet your needs!


The Xtractor is much more than a simple can crusher. It is a specialized piece of equipment based on our Patented High Density Extruder that is specifically designed for removing liquids from aluminum cans, plastic bottles and other liquid containers. It makes no difference if the package is aseptic, plastic or aluminum the XTRACTOR can do the job.


The X3Cycler is the answer for processing large volumes of full plastic or aluminum liquid containers. It dumps, perforates, dewaters, crushes, and bales in one compact and integrated system. Large 35 cubic foot bales, high thru-put and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction make it a ideal.


The High Density Extruders are used to dewater materials that are saturated by liquids, to extract liquids from many types of industrial refuse byproducts, or to remove liquids from many commonly used packaged products and beverages. Tested and proven time and time again, the High Density Extruder is the best performing, most efficient and most reliable ram press available today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many High Density Extruder models does Integrated waste solutions offer?

Integrated waste solutions offers many High Density Extruder models with excellent features, including:

  • Customized feed hoppers (side-load feed, rear load feed, etc.)
  • Stainless steel liquid collection pans
  • Larger hoppers for added holding capacity
  • Snout extensions to assist in filling roll-off containers
  • Stand-mounted ratchet binders for roll-off container securement
  • Discharge ramp for depositing waste into containers
  • Hinged shields for safety and easy cleaning
What types of packaging can the Integrated waste solutions High Density Extruder handle?

The Integrated waste solutions Extruder can process almost every type of packaging in the marketplace, including paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, and steel.

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